Do you love Mexican food? If you do, that’s great! Did you know that food tours in Mexico were a thing? Some companies cater to all kinds of public. Whether you would like to eat something authentic or a more elaborate gourmet dish, you will find something for sure. It’s just a matter of searching.

Mexican food is famous worldwide. No wonder it’s one of the things foreign tourists are most interested in when visiting our country. Experience our culinary traditions firsthand. Want to know more? Keep on reading.

Kinds of Tours

Interior of a local Mexican market with fruits and vegetables on display.

Not all tours are equal. They all have different audiences in mind. Some are more affordable than others due to their nature. Others are more elaborate and cater to a more exigent public. They may be private or not. There are many options out there for you to choose from.

Do you like to mingle with the locals and experience a new culture at its finest? Then you should take a street food or market tour! You will eat delicious food just like the one locals eat every day! Bonus point: These are some of the most affordable tours in the market.

Are you into “weird” foods? Then you should go for a pre-Hispanic food tour. Can you imagine eating grasshoppers, ants, and other insects? Warning: It’s not for the faint of heart.

Let’s say you prefer the gourmet scene. We’ve got you covered. You can taste Mexican dishes with an interesting twist to them. You can even talk to the chef or take a cooking class!

Are you a vegan or a vegetarian? No problem! There are tours for you as well. You don’t have to eat meat or animal-based products if you don’t want to. There are no excuses.

Would you be interested in visiting a winery and taste some exquisite wine and cheese? You can do that too.

Some tours include music, art, photography, and culture. You can walk or ride a bike. Not only will you taste delicious food, but you will also learn about our culture from a different perspective. The options are endless.

Best Destinations for Tours

As we mentioned in previous posts, Mexico is a big country. We may speak the same language and share the same nationality, but there are cultural aspects that differ and that, of course, includes the food. Some of the best destinations to take a food tour are:

Mexico City. Not only is Mexico City the country’s geographical capital but the country’s culinary capital as well. You can virtually find all kinds of Mexican dishes here. It has lots of options for everyone. Some of the most visited locations for food tours are the Historic Center, Roma, Condesa, Polanco, and Coyoacán.

Cancún. This doesn’t come across as a surprise since Cancún is one of Mexico’s most visited destinations by both domestic and foreign tourists alike. Being a coastal town, you will encounter lots of seafood options, but you won’t be limited to that. Some of them are buffet-style and you can even dine aboard a boat during sunset.

Street taco stand.

Puerto Vallarta. This Pacific coast town attracts a lot of American and Canadian tourists. That’s why it’s also become a major culinary hub in Mexico. Options range from street food to gourmet food and something in between.

Mérida. Not only is Mérida one of Mexico’s most visited destinations due to its culture and traditions but also because of its food. Enjoy some cochinita pibil, panuchos, and sopa de lima. Thank me later.

Puebla. Puebla’s cuisine is exquisite and its dishes are well-known all over the world. Chile en nogada, mole, cemitas, rompope…it will be hard for you to choose just one thing.

Oaxaca. Many people will agree with me when I say that the food from Oaxaca is one of the most delicious and representative cuisines of the whole country. It’s a mix of pre-Hispanic and Spanish cultures. All of Mexico is, but the mix is more accentuated in Oaxaca. You can’t miss out on the tlayudas, caldo de piedra, cheese, mole, coffee, chocolate, mezcal… I will write about it in further detail in a future post.

Guadalajara. Mexico’s second-largest city and another culinary hub. Land of the mariachi, tequila, carne en su jugo, tortas ahogadas. Need I say more?

Of course, there are way more options, but I would say these are the most representative ones of the country.

Pros of Taking a Tour

As always, there are pros and cons to consider when taking a tour. Some of the pros we could mention are:

  • Some of them, especially the street food and market tours, are a great way to immerse yourself in the culture. Food and culture are closely related and you can’t fully experience a culture without trying and understanding its food.
  • You can know more about the different dishes, the ingredients used, the preparation, their origin, etc. as compared to just going out on your own. Having a guide allows you to get more information firsthand and ask any questions you have.
  • You can gain access to places off the beaten path. Tourist guides are knowledgeable and can take you to hidden gems you couldn’t have imagined if you had only stuck to the town’s touristy area.
  • Tours give you the opportunity to meet other like-minded travelers. You can even make some new friends!
  • If you don’t speak Spanish, you won’t have to worry since you will have a guide that speaks your language and can translate for you.

Cons of Taking a Tour

  • Some of them are walking or bike tours. It can be tough to bring kids or elderly people with you.
  • Even though many tours are affordable, they can add up when you’re paying for more people.
  • Tours usually require a minimum of people if the tour is not private. You can run the risk of having the tour canceled or postponed.
  • Some tours don’t include any food. Don’t assume food and drinks will be included. Make sure to see what’s included before paying.
  • If for any reason you need to cancel, you will likely have to do it within 24 hours, which can be impossible at times.

A Few Recommendations

Young man lifting his thumb.
  • Bring comfortable shoes. You will probably do a lot of walking.
  • Wear sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses.
  • Bring some cash with you for tips and other situations where credit cards aren’t accepted.
  • Let your guide know of any dietary restrictions you have to follow.
  • Many tours offer special accommodations. However, it’s always good to ask.
  • Bring some medication with you. If you’re not used to certain foods, it can be tough on your stomach.

You can have a great time. Just have the right mindset and you’re ready to go!



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There are no more excuses. Food tours in Mexico can give you the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture through food. After all, we all love to eat, don’t we?

You have many options at your disposal. You can go on a street food tour, a local market tour, a vegan tour, a pre-Hispanic food tour, a gourmet tour…the choices are endless! There are options for all budgets and preferences. Just do some searching and you will find something that suits you.

Food tours will allow you to know more about a destination. You will be able to make a list of your own for future reference. Remember some tours are not only about the food but include other things as well. It’s all part of the experience.

I’d like to know your impressions. Have you gone on a food tour? What was it like? Did you like it? Let me know in the comments below. I’ll be happy to get back to you. See you soon!

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12 Replies to “Food Tours in Mexico – Let’s Taco ‘Bout ‘Em”

  1. This is great information about food tours in Mexico! I quite often visit resorts in Mexico but it always makes me want to experience the food culture more than what you can get at a resort. I really want to try and learn more about authentic dishes. I know there must be so many delicious foods that I have never tried because I’m sure that it is either not made in the US or it is made differently here. Next time I visit I would love to plan one of these tours, thanks for putting together this guide to help me.

    1. Hey, Andrew,

      Glad you found this useful. 

      I understand some people prefer the comfort of all-inclusive resorts, but that’s not for everyone. They’re missing out on a lot by doing so.

      I hope you take a food tour next time you visit Mexico. I’m sure it’ll be an enriching experience. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Yess! I can taco ’bout ’em all day long, especially with a good light beer. Anyways, I have no idea that food tour is a thing in Mexico, I will definitely have to that when I visit. I love food! I personally do not mind walking at all and I love experiencing food with other people. It is fun to get to see the local in my opinion. Thank you so much for your recommendations. 

    1. Hi, Nuttanee,

      Yes, food tours in Mexico are a thing. There is an ample variety of tours for everyone. It’s up to you.

      The food is such an important part of any culture. You have to try it to truly experience a culture.

      Thanks for dropping by.

  3. I have always wanted to go on a food tour of a country!  That’s the best way to find out about the true culture of the country. If you just stay in your hotel or resort, you’ll learn nothing. I would love to try the street food tour and eat just like the locals would and also get to know them. It doesn’t surprise me that most of these tours do not come with the cost of the food as that should be up to the person paying so that they can decide what sort of food they would like to eat. I will be checking out your site further and see how much these tours might cost.

    1. I agree with you. In order to truly experience another culture, you have to try the local cuisine. I understand some people just want to relax and prefer to stay at a resort, but that’s not for me. To each his own.

      Some tours include the food or at least some tasting. It’s important to check thoroughly what’s included and avoid any unpleasant surprises.

      Feel free to check out my other articles for more info and tips on Mexico. Thanks for commenting.

  4. Great post on food tours in Mexico. I have never been there but I do like Mexican food here in the states. I will usually pick a Mexican restaurant over an American one every time. I am sure there is a lot of difference in the American restaurants and the food in the Mexican food tours though. I would enjoy going sometime and see the different cultures. What is your favorite Mexican food?

    1. Hi, Larry,

      Your comment is much appreciated.

      If you like Mexican food, you have to try the real thing. It’s got nothing to do with what we’re offered in the U.S. 

      I hope you take a tour sometime and see it for yourself.

      Answering your question, that’s hard to tell. I don’t think I have just one favorite dish. I love tacos, sopes, gorditas, flautas, enchiladas, mole…the list goes on and on. I will write about Mexican food in further detail in a future post.

      Thanks for dropping by. 

  5. Hi

    I love food and I love Mexico, so why not do both. I really enjoy reading your article as you have told us the best tours to go  place to visit and the pros and cons of  going on these tours. I think you have covered  all the bases but I could not believe it when you said some food tours may not include food that really floored me. My only wish is that I could be sampling a taco now in Mexico  but this is not possible  now but maybe in the future.

    I cannot believe there is a vegan tour as often you do not think that they understand people’s  needs. Do they have a food tour for people who because of disease, allergy or intolerance  can only sample certain food?

    The only issue I have with the article is that Italian food is the best?



    1. Hi, Antonio,

      That’s great! Mexico has so much to offer everyone and its food is no exception. We have a vast array of options ranging from street food to gourmet dishes. You won’t be disappointed.

      Some tours include the food, others don’t. They may just include some tasting but not a whole meal. You have to make sure of what’s included before booking.

      With so many changes in people’s behavior, the industry has had to adapt. That’s why they have to include other options like vegan. If you have any allergies or special needs, just let the agency know in advance. I’m sure they’ll be able to make the necessary arrangements.

      I love Italian food, but Mexican food holds a special place in my heart. I may be a little biased here, but hey, who isn’t?

      Thanks for commenting.

  6. Hello Enrique,

    One of the places in my to-visit-in-a-lifetime list is Mexico City, Mexico. I guess I have to go back to learning Spanish- I had a small self-tutoring book.  I like the way culture is preserved through culinary arts and Mexico is one famous country in the world for this. What currency and denominations would be best for a first-time tourist to carry around in cash?


    1. Hi, Boniface,

      Mexico City is one of my favorite Mexican cities! You have to visit sometime.

      Yes, our gastronomy has survived and has been recognized worldwide as one of the best. I hope it remains that way. 

      Answering your question, you will be better off by converting your currency to pesos (MXP). Some destinations accept American dollars, but it’s important to pay attention to the exchange rate they use. Try to get different denomination bills. The lowest one is worth 20 pesos and the highest one is 1,000 pesos (although these are not commonly used).

      Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks for commenting.

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