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Recently featured on Travel + Leisure, Mérida has been in the international spotlight for quite some time now. You might wonder as to what there is to do. No worries. Today we’ll share with you the list of the best things to do in Mérida, Yucatán.

Located in the southeast of Mexico, Mérida, Yucatán is probably the most well-known city in the region. Known as the “White City” (nothing to do with races but rather the architecture in Mérida, Spain), Mérida has been named Mexico’s safest city and the proof is many Americans and Canadians moved and continue living there. No wonder it’s also one of Mexico’s most visited destinations. Mérida is a city of contrasts: on the one hand, it possesses a strong Mayan heritage, while on the other it also has a developed infrastructure like any modern city of the world. Its Mayan roots can be seen in its cuisine, language, living style, and culture in general. Let’s discover it together!

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Soak in the Architecture

One of the musts while visiting is walking along Paseo de Montejo. It’s Mérida’s longest boulevard and it’s filled with beautiful mansions from Colonial times. Take your time to stroll around and admire the beautiful architecture of the city. You will see lots of white buildings and understand why it’s called “the White City”.

A tan mansion with French architecture.

As you walk along Paseo de Montejo, you will eventually reach the Monumento a la Patria. It’s a really impressive monument with Mayan motifs in the middle of the boulevard. There you will see different moments from Mexico and Mérida’s history. Don’t forget to take your selfie.

 A Maya monument in a roundabout.

Ride a Carriage or Hop on a Bus

Another cool activity is calandria (carriages drawn by horses) tours. You can hire these in the city center. You will be able to see the city from another perspective and catch your breath after a lot of walking. You will walk a lot. So be prepared.

If carriages aren’t your thing, there are also bus tours available. Just look for the Turibús. You can take it in front of the cathedral or the hotel zone right outside the Holiday Inn. Kids are 50 pesos (2.5 USD) and adults are 120 pesos (6 USD). It runs every day of the week.

A red tour bus.

Visit the Cathedral

While in the city center, you have to visit the Cathedral of Saint Ildefonso. I prefer to visit by night as the illumination gives it a totally different look from the daytime. However, you can visit both during the day and at night and take cool pictures to compare. You don’t want to miss out!

There are other fascinating buildings throughout the city center. These buildings include Palacio Cantón, Palacio de Montejo, Museo Macay, and several churches. Some of them include museums, so if you’re a history buff, you might want to check these out.

White cathedral with two towers in Merida, Yucatan.

Explore the Maya Ruins Nearby

Does Chichén Itzá tell you something? I know it probably does. It’s one of, if not the most, visited Maya sites by both domestic and foreign tourists alike. These pyramids are particularly attractive among American and European tourists. It’s hard to imagine how the Maya created these incredible structures without the technology we have today. You will be amazed by the details and all the facts you will get to know during your visit.

A Maya pyramid.

Chichén Itzá is located about 120 km (75 miles) from Mérida. This trip takes about 1.5 hours.

Now, let me give you one tip you might not know. Avoid going on Sundays. Why? All Archaeological sites have free admission on Sundays for Mexican citizens. If you visit on a Sunday, you will always see a large crowd. To avoid this, you might want to choose another day of the week, but if you don’t mind the crowds, then dismiss my tip.

Chichén Itzá is in the Yucatán Peninsula, which means humidity. Wear light clothes, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat to protect yourself from the sun. You can also carry a bottle of water to stay hydrated.

It is not necessary to hire a tour with an agency, but I highly recommend you hire a guide on site. When you hire one, you will be able to learn more things than by just reading the information signs of the site. As always, it’s up to you.

Swim in a Cenote

Throughout the Yucatán Peninsula, you can find bodies of water called cenotes. These are deep, water-filled sinkholes in limestone which were created when the roof of an underground cavern collapsed. You could say they’re natural pools. They all have clear, crisp water where you can dive and swim in. Their water is cold, but after swimming a little, you get used to it.

Cenotes were sacred places for Mayans. They were used by them to perform sacrifices to their gods. There are tours where you can participate in a Mayan ceremony with a shaman before entering the cenote. It’s quite an experience.

As far as I know, there are cenotes you can visit on your own, while there are others where you have to hire a tour to get in. Although most visitors I’ve seen seem all to be part of a large group, I think you’ll probably be able to visit on your own. You can ask at your hotel or locals.

A cave filled with turquoise water.

Bird Watching and Beaches in Celestún

About 45 minutes from Mérida, you will reach Celestún, a natural reserve. You can hire a boat tour to see the flamingos which are the main attraction in the area. The water suddenly turns a pink color and that is when you will have run into our winged friends. They will give you a tour around the mangrove swamp where you can see not only flamingos but also other birds like herons and pelicans. It’s so relaxing and the perfect opportunity to reconnect with nature.

Not far from Celestún, there are some virgin beaches where you can relax. There are no hotels or fancy restaurants on the beach. You can eat some fresh fish at one of the rustic restaurants there. The beaches are beautiful and they are not crowded like others in the peninsula. You can spend the whole day there. I highly recommend it.

Several green plants in front of the beach.

Eat Something Local

The cuisine from Mérida is varied and delicious. Dishes include cochinita pibil, papadzules, panuchos, and sopa de lima. Yucatecan cuisine is a combination of Mayan ingredients with European, Caribbean, and Middle Eastern ones. Their main ingredients include pork meat, pumpkin seeds, red onions, oranges, achiote, and the internationally famous habanero pepper. I would say its dishes are very different from others in Mexico. It’s probably due to its isolation from the rest of the country.

Eggs with red sauce, cheese cubes, beans, and plantain.

You can find other types of cuisines like Italian, Cuban and Japanese if that’s your preference. However, if you want to eat something authentic from the region, I recommend doing so in one of the various restaurants in the city center like La Chaya Maya. Just be warned that Yucatecan food is spicy. They love their habanero peppers. Not for the faint of heart.

For dessert, try a marquesita, which is similar to a crepe, just a little bit thicker. It’s filled with different things, the most popular being stringed cheese and peanut butter. Delicious!

Buy Handmade Souvenirs

Of course, you can buy a magnet, a key chain, or one of those typical souvenirs, but if you want something cooler, I recommend buying something handcrafted. Mérida is famous for hammocks, guayaberas, huipiles (a kind of woman dress), mats, woodwork, pottery, and many other things. There are several stores in the city center where you can buy them. Prices vary, but keep in mind you’re getting something that took a lot of hard work to make.

A market hall lined with typical Yucatecan clothing.

Best Time to Visit

Mérida has hot temperatures most of the year. Not only is it hot, but it is humid as well. That applies to the whole peninsula. The best time to escape the extreme heat is the period between December and February. The temperature starts rising around March, and it’s bearable through late May. These months also see little rainfall, so it’s the perfect time for outdoor activities.

The summer is really hot and it rains a lot. You may want to avoid this season if you want to enjoy good weather.

However, if saving money is your priority, then this is a good time to visit since it’s the off-season, especially the months of May, June, September, and October.

How to Get There

Mérida is served by Manuel Crescencio Rejón International Airport. It’s really close to the city center, around 7 km (4.35 miles) or 13 minutes. It’s on the top ten list of Mexico’s busiest airports. Inbound/outbound domestic flights include Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, and other major cities, while international flights include Havana, Houston, Miami, and Toronto.

Mérida is located about 307 km (190 miles) from Cancún. Due to its proximity, many tourists visit Mérida by land. It’s a good alternative if you’re visiting the region and want to escape the hustle from that beach city.

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Where to Stay

I recommend Los Aluxes in the city center. It’s a nice hotel with all the amenities you expect from a modern hotel: cable TV, free internet, a swimming pool, a restaurant, a bar, a business center, meeting rooms, free parking, laundry service, etc. Its prices are very affordable starting from $40 per night. Its location is very convenient, close to several attractions in the city.

Other excellent options due to their price, location, and customer reviews are:

  • Hotel La Piazzetta
  • Hotel & Hostal Boutique Casa Garza
  • Casa La 44
  • Casa Akbal B&B
  • Almas Gemelas
  • Hotel Marionetas
  • Hotel Medio Mundo

Where to Eat

Yucatecan cuisine is one of the most important in Mexico. There are restaurants for all tastes and budgets. Some restaurants we recommend are:

  • La Chaya Maya, a restaurant that serves traditional Yucatecan dishes at reasonable prices. Their tortillas are handmade! The average check is between 150 and 250 pesos ($7.50-$12.50) per person. Address: Calle 55 x 60 y 62 Sucursal Centro, Merida 97000 Mexico.
  • La Cubanita, a family restaurant offering authentic Cuban food. They have daily specials. The average check is between 90 and 120 pesos ($4.50-$6). Address: 502 Calle 51 On calle 51 between 60 and 62, Merida 97000 Mexico.
  • El Catrin, a beautifully decorated restaurant with a little bit of everything. They have a patio, and their service is excellent. The average check is between 240 and 500 pesos ($12-$25) per person. Address: Calle 47 # 463B Centro, Merida 97000 Mexico.
  • Taqueria de la Union, great tacos, including vegetarian options. The average check is between 40 and 120 pesos ($2-$6). Address: Calle 55 no.488 Barrio de Santa Lucia, Merida 97000 Mexico.
  • Eskondida, New York-style pizza and pasta. The average check is between 60 and 400 pesos ($3-$20). Address: Calle 58 # 435 Entre Calles 47 y 49, Merida 97000 Mexico.


The vehicles used for public transportation are known as camiones or colectivos. The fare is around 8 pesos ($0.40) one way. That is for trips within the city. If you go to another town, expect to pay 20 pesos ($1) or more. Still, it’s cheap.

You can use public transportation to move around Mérida or to go to other attractions like cenotes, beaches, and Maya ruins in other towns. Renting a car comes in handy, but it’s not a must. The buses take you everywhere. Just ask the locals, and someone will be able to help you.

Besides Uber, Mérida has Cabify and Ryde & Go.

Suggested Budgets

If you’re backpacking, you’re looking at around 1,000 pesos ($50) per day. This includes accommodation at a hostel/cheap hotel, a combination of street food and home-cooked food, local transportation, and a few attractions per day (museums, parks, etc).

A mid-range budget is around 1,700 pesos ($85) per day. This includes accommodation at a 2-star hotel/Airbnb, cheap restaurants, a few more attractions than the backpacker budget, and a taxi if need be.

Finally, if you don’t want to limit yourself, then a luxury budget will cost you at least 3,900 pesos ($195) per day. This includes staying at a 4-star hotel, eating at nice restaurants, taking taxis/Uber everywhere, and taking tours/guided trips.

Keep in mind these figures are just estimates. Some days you will spend less, while others you will spend more. This will give you a foundation to plan your budget and adjust it as necessary.

For your convenience, I created a table comparing the budgets we mentioned above. The prices are in Mexican pesos ($1 = 20 pesos).

LodgingMealsTransportationAttractionsAverage Cost Per Day

Tips for Saving Money

If you’d like to save some money when visiting Mérida, you can try some of the following:

  • Stay at a hostel or use Couchsurfing (an app that connects travelers looking for free lodging).
  • Eat street food. Food stands are easy to find and are an affordable option. Other excellent options are visiting the city markets or mall food courts.
  • Use public transportation as much as possible.
  • Although Uber is generally cheaper than taxis, fares can increase considerably due to surge pricing. This usually happens on weekends and weekdays before/after work hours. In that case, a regular taxi might be a better option.
  • Look for free walking tours online. You just have to tip your guide at the end of the tour.
  • You can find cultural activities practically every day of the week. Best of all, they’re free! They take place at night around 8 or 9 p.m. To attend, head over to the main square or Plaza de Santa Lucia.
  • Several museums are free. Some of them include Macay, Museo de la Ciudad, and Museo Casa Montejo.

How to Stay Safe

Mérida is one of the safest cities in Mexico. The risk of being mugged is low. Just exercise the same caution you do at home, and you will be fine.

If you rent a car, avoid driving at night. Some roads are not well lit, and there are potholes you won’t see. It’s better to drive during daylight hours.

Yucatecan food is spicy. Make sure to bring some antiacid just in case.

Tap water is not safe to drink. Buy bottled water or bring a water filter with you.

Don’t forget to buy travel insurance! You never know what can go wrong. Better safe than sorry.

Apps to Download

To make the most of your visit, I recommend you download the following apps:

  • Google Maps. Find driving directions and download maps for offline use.
  • Parkopedia Parking. Find the nearest garage/parking lot.
  • Uber. The most important rideshare service in Mexico.
  • Moovit. Get the ins and out of public transportation. Just enter your origin and destination and find out which bus to take.
  • Google Translate. If you don’t speak fluent Spanish, then make sure you have this app.
  • TravelSAFE. Connect to an emergency hotline by just pressing the SOS button.
  • MyCurrency. Find the latest exchange rate to know how much something is costing you.
  • Tripadvisor. Learn about other travelers’ experiences and recommendations for hotels, restaurants, and other places in town.
  • Busbud. Find bus schedules (when traveling to other cities) and book cheaper tickets online.
  • Travello. Find other travelers on the road and make new friends.

To Wrap Up

Mérida is a nice city with beautiful architecture, delicious cuisine, a millenary culture, impressive archaeological sites, nature, and everything you need to have an excellent time. You can visit solo, with family or friends. You will be able to see how modernity and antiquity converge on every corner you step on. I bet you will want to return over and over again. I do. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your trip to this incredible location! See you soon!

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Another popular option is Hostelworld. This website focuses on hostels as opposed to hotels.

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